Sunday, March 26, 2006

A mover and shaker!

Lily is crawling. Well, sort of. She can go about 2 steps?!? I don't really know what you would call them, but you get the idea. If she could just get her legs to cooperate a little better, she'd be everywhere. For now she just goes a little way before she hits her face on the floor and her legs fly up. It's so funny to watch her get all excited and then try to go. You can see for yourself.
In other news, Lily went to church again. Josh's friend Jeremy just moved back to Montgomery to be the youth minister are Redland Baptist Church in Wetumpka, so we went there. Lily thinks it's not as good as the Pentecostal church because she couldn't make any noise. She wanted to talk to her book, but everyone could hear so she had to go to the nursery. It was very sad for mommy to take her. She didn't have that problem at the Pentecostal church because who's gonna notice a little extra noise? Oh well; it was good and I think we're gonna go back.
Tomorrow: Easter pictures, I hope. Stay tuned.

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