Friday, June 25, 2010

Bath Time

Bath Time
Photos by Lily Stone
Bathing makes her brother tired.

He loves to just relax in the water.


Lily's brother loves to take a bath. He also loves his sister.
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The Many Expressions of the littlest Stone

Seriously, I will punch you in the face.

Deep in thought.

Grinning boy.
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Family Portrait strike out

So Jacob was a month and a half old and we don't have a single family picture. I was determined that we were going to get one. There were several things wrong with the situation. First, we asked my mom to take the picture. She's a notoriously bad photographer. She'll definitely cut your head off. Second, we were in a hurry to leave the house. I'm not really sure why, but because we were rushing we all look a mess. Finally, Lily was in a super silly mood because she was playing with Max at grandma's. The results:

Apparently I was trying to catch up on my sleep and Lily is laughing like a crazy person. Jacob is trying to look outside. Pay attention, family.

Josh had apparently give up by this time. Lily and Jacob are "saluting the whole kingdom." (Lily says that's what Jacob is doing when he randomly throws his arm up.) I am paying attention, but I do have drool on my shoulder.

This is what it looks like when Mommy gets mad.

The best one of the day.

Oh well. I guess when I look at these later, they'll accurately reflect our life at the time. I love my little family.
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Monday, June 07, 2010

Jacob's first 5 weeks

Look at this beautiful boy! He's so strong and so alert. It's hard to believe you can love someone you've only know for a little over a month so much!

He sleeps in the funniest positions. It cracks me up.

Too tired to even wait to be laid down. I had just burped him and was lifting him up. He just stretched and went right back to sleep like that!

Yeah, he looks like his sister. They look like Mommy and Grandma we discovered when we pulled out the baby pictures. We all have the same chin and the same very round head and even the same hair line.
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When I was younger I used to tell my sister she was adopted. We didn't have very many pictures of her as a little baby, but we did have a picture of her with a cake that had adoption papers on it. This was just because Cabbage Patch Kids were popular, and my mom had limited cake decorating abilities. It was fun to get my sister riled up about it anyway.
Since we have a bazillion pictures of baby Lily, I don't want Jacob to some day be tramatized and think we didn't love him as much. I've been trying to make an effort to take more pictures of him. He doesn't really seem to care for my idea.

I'll just lie here for awhile.

How about this chubby face?

Enough already!

Stop trying to sneak up on me. It won't work!
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Jacob-1 month

At his one month check-up, Jacob weighed a whopping 11.1 lbs and was 23 1/2 inches long. He's a big boy. He is a good eater, but he seems to have a bit of acid reflux. He hadn't really smiled then (2 weeks ago) but he has given us a couple of really big smiles since then. I love it. I think that he's going to love his sister and think she's very funny. So far, she's gotten the most smiles.
He is a sweet baby. He's a little snuggle bug. He loves to be held and cuddled. I love it too!
I'm going to try to remember to take his picture every month so I can remember how he grew. Here he is with his puppy dog that Lily made for him the day we found out he was going to be a he. He's sitting on his special blanket that Mommy made for him. (Lily has a bear and a special blanket with bears on it. )

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

After Hours

When it's late at night, I like to sneak around the house and take pictures of the sleeping members of my family. Not really, but this night was too cute to pass up.

Jacob, sleeping in his swing. I'm not really sure why he had his arm raised, but it was precious.

Just down the hall, Little Mother Lily and all of her babies.

There were a couple more that were down on the other end.

These were actually not the same night. This is Jacob "sleeping" in his bed for the first time. It was really just a nap and it only lasted about 15 minutes.

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Daddy's Dress

Long before Jacob was born, Josh's mom gave me this outfit that had been Josh's when he was a baby. In fact, I've had it since I was pregnant with Lily. I finally got around to taking some pictures of him wearing it. Lily thought it was very funny that we were putting Jacob in a dress. I couldn't convince her it wasn't a dress, but she decided it was ok when I let her play with the camera.

My handsome man

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