Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Our beautiful girl.

Lily in her Easter dress. When Josh got her ready, he told her she looked like an angel. For the rest of the morning she kept saying she was an Easter Angel.

Lily, Sonny, and Bella Bunnies

Lily and her best friend Bella in their bunny ears.
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Waiting patiently to go hunt eggs.

Sneaking up on them

Where are the eggs?

The great hunter
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Lily and Bella in their beautiful dresses.

Where did that sneaky bunny hide the baskets?

What's this?

How do you get this open?
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Easter at home

Lily wasn't sure if the Easter Bunny was coming to our house or not. I talked her into going out to look.

There's not anything behind this tree, but I think I see something over there.

Daddy, you carry it inside. It's too heavy for me.

Happy about her loot.

It was too sunny at our house for a good picture.
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Take me out to the ball game!

On Saturday night we went to see the Biscuits play baseball. It was our friend Dylan's birthday so there was a big group of us. Lily had a big time. She won a baseball, got a little Big Mo, petted and high fived the real Big Mo, and got to see fireworks. She was very excited about the whole day and was a very good girl even though it was freezing!

Lily styling on the way to see the Biscuits!

Lily and Mommy self portrait.

Lily making a funny face!

Self portrait of a Lily Pie!
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Big Mo (Lily took this herself!)

Lily and little Big Mo

Little nut!
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter party

Lily's school had an Easter party. There were snacks, egg hunting, stories, big fun. Mommy came to the party which made Lily's day.

Sarah, Lindsey, and Lily. Of the 10 children in Lily's class, these are all of the girls! Sarah is Lily's best friend. "Sarah will always be my best friend, Mama."

Smiling during snack. You would smile too if your snack was apples, grapes, cheetos, gold fish, cheese, and cookies. They has enough food for about 40 kids.

Tiny Lily in line.

She's an excellent egg hunter. It's the famous hunts at Grandma's house that have taught her well.
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Now where are these eggs hiding?

Crafty like her Mama.

Waiting for GO!
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How does your garden grow?

We are planting a garden this year. It's been a pretty slow process at our house. The few things you see growing are marigolds, onions, garlic, and carrots. Yesterday we planted beans, peas, cilantro, and basil. We have all of the stuff to make another box and plant another bunch of vegetables. It's been very fun so far and Lily loves to go and look at our garden.

Lily and our garden.

First try of Mommy and the garden. Annie wanted in on the action.

Me and the garden. (I think I was trying to make sure she got my head.)

My little gardener.
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

J-Day 2009

This past weekend was J-Day. Lily stayed at home with Daddy, and I had a night with my friends. It was fun, a nice getaway. Here are a couple of pics from the weekend.

Sara-Beth and Christy at Golden Club. (Note to Christy: I really wanted to post the collection pic I got of you, but I restrained myself. You're welcome.)

Heather and Marie.

Here's where the picture of Susan and I should go, but apparently we missed the memo about looking fabulous. Use your imagination.

The group shot. I think we look great. My sister says we get fatter and fatter every year, but we don't like her anyway.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009