Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 is over already?

This has been the shortest year ever. Lily has gotten so big. This time last year she was just trying to sit up good and didn't really do much. She had just had her first taste of real food...rice cereal. Now she's almost a toddler. She can not only sit up, she can crawl and walk and run and climb. She can eat just about anything, especially with her hands. She's trying to use the spoon by herself, but doesn't quite have that mastered. At her 15 month Drs. appt, she weighed 19 lbs, 15 ozs and was 31 inches long, I think. She says lot of stuff now; she's starting to get much clearer. Mama, Dad, Annie, Bella, dog, bed, milk, baby, hey, hello, bye, ball, kitty...she's even started saying yes a little, instead of uhuh all of the time!
Lily really enjoyed Christmas. She likes pulling paper apart and handing you all of the little pieces so Christmas was a good time for her! I think her favorite gift has probably been the stroller for her baby. She pushes, pulls, and drags the thing all around the house. I'm still hoping that she'll like the wagon that Santa brought when we finally take it outside and play. I'll try to post some new pictures this weekend. We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year!