Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alabama blizzard

Since the great blizzard hit this weekend, Lily got to see snow again. I think she'll probably grow up thinking it snows once a year everywhere.
We got all bundled up to play in it. Our outfits were very funny. Everyone ended up wearing Mama's gloves since Lily didn't want to wear her mittens and Josh doesn't have any gloves. I had to convince Lily that she couldn't wear a dress and crocs to play in the snow.

Barely stopping so I could take her picture.

Click on this one. You'll see the elation in her face.

Lily and Mama and our poor snowman.

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Lily was most excited about hitting her daddy in the hiney with a snowball. Here she is stalking her prey and getting her snowball ready.

Her throwing stance.

Got him. They had a super fun time chasing each other. I did see Daddy hit Lily directly in the face with snowball, but she got one all the way down his shirt.

Lily and Daddy
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The Nutcracker

Way back in December, Lily and I went to see the Nutcracker with Miss Heather. We had a very good time. Lily didn't know the story or anything, but she did a great job of trying to watch and figure out what was happening. Hopefully we'll make it a mother/daughter tradition.

Lily and her baby. She even got to wear a big girl necklace.

Lily and Mama. I wasn't nearly as big as this dress makes me look, but I am way bigger than that now!

Lily being a silly girl while Heather tries to take our picture. (It's too bad that you can't see the lady and her daugher who spilled water all over the place next to us or the lady and her son who gave a running commentary of the whole thing behind us. Those were Heather's favorite parts!)
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