Sunday, March 12, 2006

The great outdoors!

The big event of Lily's weekend was the arrival of her new swing. She thinks it's the best. Now she can swing and look over the porch and see the whole wide world. It's a whole new bunch of stuff to look at and learn about. You'll have to come and sit outside with her and push.
Also on Sunday she had alot of visitor. Nana and Pawpaw came for a little visit. So did Auntie Sonya. Heather, Marie, and Kellie were here too and we barbequed. Lily also got to meet Blakeney. They kinda look alike, but Blakeney is MUCH smaller. Lily was never that little. Heather and Sonya both took some pictures of them together, so you'll have to go to their blogs and check them out.


Marie said...

I had so much fun...thanks for cooking and having such a cute baby!

Susan said...

I'm glad you didn't try to set yourself on fire with the grill. It's probably only because I wasn't there to help. :)