Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It takes a lot of work, growing and eating. I need ALOT of rest. Too bad none of it is at night!

Lily in her swing.

I'm gonna get that little bird yet!

3 weeks!

Can you believe that our little pebble is already 3 weeks old? She's doing well, growing fatter and fatter. We still can't decide who she looks more like, but we've thought at some point that she looks like everyone we are related to. My sister and brother, my mom, me, Josh....What do you think??

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lily and Aunt Sonya

Mommy, Lily, Great-grandma, and Grandma

Sleeping beauty

Lily with great-grandma Nicholson

Lily sleeping

Big girl!

Today Lily had her first doctor's appointment. She was supposed to be back up to her birth weight. Well, our daughter is not only back up to that, but she has gained 9 extra ounces. She weighs 9 pounds already! Josh says she's big boned like him. I say I have super breastmilk. Either way, she's healthy and happy. In 2 weeks she gets her first shots. I'll try to post some newer pictures of her before then!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Lily and daddy

Lily resting in the hospital

Lily Kathrine Stone

Our pebble is finally here. Lily Kathrine Stone was born at 10:20 p.m. on August 9. She is a big girl, 8 lbs and 7 oz. She's 20 inches long and has a head full of dark hair. It's wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be, especially after the epidural. I started having contractions at about 4:30 on Tuesday morning and we went to the hospital at 11:45. I started pushing at 9:55 and by 10:20 p.m., baby Lily was here. We're at home now, getting settled in. We're all doing great. If you want to know what Josh thinks, here's what he wrote on his blog:

Make Room For Daddy!
Isn't life grand? The love of my life gave birth to the greatest gift anyone could ever give me on August 9th, 2005, at 10:20 pm. My little princess is named Lily Kathrine Stone and she is the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest person I have ever had the joy of meeting in my entire life. Lily was 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long when she was born. And she is an angel. Before she got here I thought I understood what "happiness" was. I was "happy" when I was playing Madden, or watching the Braves and Auburn football on TV, or reading Hunter S. Thompson. But now I understand what the word means, happiness is laying on a couch while your baby sleeps on your chest. Happiness is kissing your baby on the forehead. Happiness is changing your baby's diaper because she can't do it herself. Happiness is letting your baby suck on the end of your finger (trust me its great).Let me say one more thing. Before the birth I was adament about the fact that I didn't want to witness the birth. I was going to be in the room but I thought that by being at the head of the bed that I wouldn't be able to see what was going on. Well I was wrong, but I am glad that I was. I'm glad because I witnessed a miracle. I now have no doubt about which is the stronger gender. My wife is so amazing and I now have even more respect for her. There is no way I could have endured what she went through......I was in awe.So, right now I am completely and totally content. We bring baby Lily home tomorrow and I can't wait! I will post pictures soon so that the 2 people who read this blog can see them.

Wow, huh? I know. I'm gonna post a couple of pictures now and then try to put my new little baby to bed. I'm sure lucky.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Yes, I'm still pregnant and no, I'm never going to have this baby.

Here's the deal. I'm still only 1 cm. Dr. Garrard is going to see me again on Monday at 1:30. If nothing has changed he's gonna put me in the hospital that night and give me some medicine to "ripen" my cervix. Then he's gonna induce Tuesday. That's 6 days past my due date and also Josh and my 2 year anniversary. He says he hopes he'll see me before then but he doesn't really think he will. So, I'm probably gonna have a baby on August 16.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Me and Beth with babies ??? and Hannah

Some distractions

Yesterday Heather came and got me and we went to Birmingham to see the rest of the Mee-maws. Beth, Susan, Marie, Criddy, Heather and I got to spend some quality time together before Beth and I become mommies and Susan becomes a citizen of the world. We ate (of course) and had a good time. I'll post a picture of Beth and me. She's due on August 24th. Let's hope I'm not still pregnant then!!

I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'll update then.

Monday, August 01, 2005

"I think you may be pregnant forever."

Yeah, that's way worse than "thick and closed." No change really. Dr. Garrard thinks that the baby has moved down a little, but I'm still only 1 cm dialated. And the pound I lost last week came back and this time brought a friend. I've gain a total of 20 lbs now. My next appt is Monday August 8 at 1:30, but Dr. Garrard says he hopes he sees me before then. I only have one space left on my chart, but no pressure he says. I knew I didn't like him.