Sunday, March 26, 2006

A mover and shaker!

Lily is crawling. Well, sort of. She can go about 2 steps?!? I don't really know what you would call them, but you get the idea. If she could just get her legs to cooperate a little better, she'd be everywhere. For now she just goes a little way before she hits her face on the floor and her legs fly up. It's so funny to watch her get all excited and then try to go. You can see for yourself.
In other news, Lily went to church again. Josh's friend Jeremy just moved back to Montgomery to be the youth minister are Redland Baptist Church in Wetumpka, so we went there. Lily thinks it's not as good as the Pentecostal church because she couldn't make any noise. She wanted to talk to her book, but everyone could hear so she had to go to the nursery. It was very sad for mommy to take her. She didn't have that problem at the Pentecostal church because who's gonna notice a little extra noise? Oh well; it was good and I think we're gonna go back.
Tomorrow: Easter pictures, I hope. Stay tuned.

Like my shades? I'm just chillin. Posted by Picasa

Look at this contraption! It's got everything, but I like the mirror and cell phone best. Posted by Picasa

Trying to look at myself in this little mirror.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006

World's cutest leprechaun Posted by Picasa

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Posted by Picasa

Kiss me, I'm Irish...well, not really, but I'm cute so kiss me! Posted by Picasa

Silly little thing! Posted by Picasa

Lily ready to go shopping with Kellie and Blakeney Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The great outdoors!

The big event of Lily's weekend was the arrival of her new swing. She thinks it's the best. Now she can swing and look over the porch and see the whole wide world. It's a whole new bunch of stuff to look at and learn about. You'll have to come and sit outside with her and push.
Also on Sunday she had alot of visitor. Nana and Pawpaw came for a little visit. So did Auntie Sonya. Heather, Marie, and Kellie were here too and we barbequed. Lily also got to meet Blakeney. They kinda look alike, but Blakeney is MUCH smaller. Lily was never that little. Heather and Sonya both took some pictures of them together, so you'll have to go to their blogs and check them out.

What's that over there? Posted by Picasa

Don't be jealous cause you're not this cute. Posted by Picasa

Blakeney. She really does sleep alot. This is pretty much the extent of her visit, but she sure is cute! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lily is 7 months old today. She spent the day trying to protect her pacifiers. You better not try to get them while she's sleeping. Posted by Picasa

I don't know why you haven't been to see me.?. Posted by Picasa

Watch this guys. I can get the whole bunny ear in my mouth. Posted by Picasa

Come here, Clifford. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

Train a child in the way she should go...

Lily had another busy week. On Wednesday night we went out to eat with David. He'd never met Lily and was very impressed with her 2 teeth. She tried to pull my chicken finger basket into my lap, but didn't quite make it. I'm sure he would have been impressed with that; too bad. On Saturday we had dinner at Mexico Tipico with Anthony. It was good to see him. Lily liked him and also decided that she doesn't hate the Mexican man who cleans the tables anymore. She also likes refried beans. We came back to our house and played Trivial Pursuit. Josh won so now he thinks he's so smart. Blah. Lily wanted to play but she can't talk yet so that leaves her out. I bet she would have beat smarty pants Josh though.
On Sunday Lily's heathen parents took her to church for the first time since she was born. She was a hit. She was so good and sat like a little lady most of the time. She spent the rest of the time grinning at the family behind us while we sang. Everyone told us how good she is and how cute and Look at that smile. Yeah, we know. Don't you agree?

Surely that's not comfortable.  Posted by Picasa

Taking her first after church nap.  Posted by Picasa

Why did you take my picture and wake me up, Daddy? Posted by Picasa

Playing with Daddy is the funnest thing in the world!! Posted by Picasa

How cute is my family? Posted by Picasa

You can tell Annie thinks this is the best game ever, can't you? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Napping with my monkey. Posted by Picasa

You wouldn't think I could sleep like this, but I can. There's no stopping my naps. I'm just like my mommy that way. Posted by Picasa

How funny is this? Posted by Picasa

Happy girl playing with all of her toys. Posted by Picasa