Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A new outfit from Kellie!

Me opening presents. Little baby got ALOT of clothes!

The mee-maws plus Brianna and baby Tyler, the best baby ever! Note that Heather is missing. She was having a facial and couldn't be bothered by coming to baby Ervanessa's first party. Hmph!

7 weeks and counting!

Well alot has happened since the last update. I had my baby shower on Saturday. It was good. My little baby has enough clothes that she will be able to wear a new outfit everyday until she's about 2. And we finally got a mattress. We went and got it on Sunday morning. Happy Father's Day to Josh. He got to help me sort through baby stuff! I'll post some of the pictures from it.

I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I've gained 2 more pounds, bringing the grand total to 16. He said I must have read the book because everything is just like it should be. My next appointment is July 5.

Other than that, I've just been working. I'm trying to get everything washed, and put together, and put up. I'm sure you can imagine how that's going! Oh well, she'll never know that her momma is a sucky house keeper. Well, at least not for a while. Maybe I'll get better at it by then!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting ready!

We finally finished the baby's room. Well, mostly. She still needs some decorations, but that's just about all. Heather would be quick to tell you that she also needs a mattress. I posted some pictures so you get an idea. I think it turned out quite well.

My doctor's appointment on Monday was good. We got to have another ultrasound. The tech said that she's a big baby. She already weighs 4 pounds. Maybe that means she'll come a little early. I'm still holding out for August 1. Everything else is good, nothing to worry about. I have my next appointment on June 20th. Every 2 weeks for now. It's getting closer!! We're starting to get very anxious to meet her. My prediction is that she's going to be more like Josh than like me. Anyone else?

More of baby's room

Baby's room