Friday, February 20, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

I once was lost, but now I'm found.

My camera is found! Woohoo! Apparently I just needed to clean my bedroom. Be sad that you missed pictures of Lily's first black eye, but be comforted by the fact that school group pictures were the same week. I'm sure that when they come back, you'll be able to see what happens when you hit your face on the bed frame. It's a beautiful yellowish green color now.
Aunt Sonya has recently taught Lily how to cross her eyes. She thinks it's funny because everyone laughs. You can't help it. As punishment to Aunt Sonya, I'm posting a couple of shots of her teaching Lily some advanced eye crossed funny faces. For your viewing pleasure:
This isn't even a good one. She's very talented at crossing her eyes.

Imagine Lily making this same face. It'll make you pee your pants laughing.

Sonny thinks it's so fun, she walks around with this face all day.
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Christmas favorites

Lily absolutely loved her doll house. She thought it was fabulous.

Playing with the baby.

Her stocking haul. Her second favorite gift was the bag of marbles. Needless to say, there are marbles all over my house. It's a little game to find them when you're cleaning. She loves them though.
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Hiding under the Christmas tree!

For some reason, she thought this was hilarious.

Lily and Lillie

Opening presents with Josh's family. This was just before the fun wore off.
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Visit with Santa

Before Christmas, Aunt Sonya and Uncle Sean took Lily to see Santa. Mommy and Daddy had a night to ourselves. Apparently our night went better than Lily's. She looks like she had a bad time in all of the pictures.

Not a fan of Santa.

Uncle Sean helped her write a letter to Santa. She didn't get a reindeer, a baby, a puppy dog, or a kitty cat, but she did get a cooties game.

Mailing her letter.

Coloring a pretty picture.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pequeña hermana

Lily has developed an obsession with babies. I think a couple of the children in her class have recently had baby brothers or sisters, plus my sister baby sat a little baby the other day and Lily got to play with him. She very seriously told me last week, "Momma, we need to have a baby at our house." She's been telling everyone at daycare that her sister has a baby in her belly, and she's been telling Josh and me that everyone at daycare has babies in their bellies.

On Saturday we spent the day out for Josh's birthday. Lily's jabberbox was on as always, and she was steadily chatting about her baby sister. I said, "Where exactly did this little sister come from?" She quickly replied, "Her came from Mexico." What? How does she even know the word Mexico, let alone that's it's a place where you can come from??? She's the silliest little girl I've ever known. She cracks me up. So next time you're out and you see a little Mexican girl, I want you to ask yourself if that's Lily's little sister!