Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crafty Queen

Lily got a kit of foam beads from the Dollar Tree. She's gotten her dollar's worth, to be sure. They came with a big plastic needle and some plastic thread. She's been making necklaces.

She's still quite the dresser. Here we have a monkey hula girl shirt. The monkey has a fringed skirt on and Lily will let you feel it if you want. She's also wearing a flower tutu. It has flowers that are loose between the layers. I'm sure she has on some kind of princess/cartoon character panties. She also has a little knotted hairdo. I know, you wish you could be as stylish as her. I do too.

Trying to get the perfect combination of shaped and colors.

You'd think after almost 3 years (Yikes!!) I would have gotten over how stinking cute she is, but no, I haven't.
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Lily and Baby Kate

Dressed up like a princess. She needs a better tiara!

Lily and Baby Tegan. They had fun playing least, Lily had fun with Tegan!
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Lily and Pierce at the zoo. Look how excited they are!

Jadyn at the zoo. Can you tell it was hot?

A Zebra.

Lily getting ready for Colby's birthday party. She had so much fun that she'll still talk about it if you ask her.
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