Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Pictures of my big girl

She's so cute.

Our big girl. I think this is my favorite of all.

Look at how grown she is.
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As Promised...

Sitting Pretty.

Can't you just tell she's rotten?

Sweet girl.

Isn't this beautiful?
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Lily got her Christmas pictures taken this weekend. Here's how it went:

Isn't it so cute when I'm silly? (No, it's really not.)

I don't want to sit in this chair, so I'm gonna try to hit you, Picture Lady.

Isn't it cute when I'm silly? (No, really it's not.)

How this face, Mommy?
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That's so funny, isn't it? (No really it's not)

Shake your booty!

Why would I want a picture of my kid riding a dog?

Or eating the dog?
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I'm gonna run away. I bet you can't get my picture now.

You take the bear, Picture Lady.

This could be the best one of the bunch. What is this face?

Take the monkey too!
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I can definitely take this dog.

Look at those eyes!

Another great one.
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Watch me leapfrog this column.

I've had enough! I'm out of here!

She really was good. She's only 2; she can't be expected to wait for 2 hours. These were just for laughs. There are good pictures for tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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