Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Boy haircut

Jacob turned one yesterday.

What? He is one year old? Can't be true. Since Easter was last weekend, we are celebrating his birthday this coming weekend. Just family for some cake and ice cream. No big deal, but we certainly have to mark the occasion!

We decided that a haircut was in order for this little man on his first birthday, so off we went. First Lily (no pics, sorry), then Daddy, then Jacob. He had just woken up so he wasn't really sure about the whole thing.

The blurry before picture. It was super long over his ears and I could probably have scraped up a tiny pony tail in the back.

Mommy, what is this lady doing?

He sat like a big boy and only tried to get down once.

After at Target. We went to get a booster seat for sister so brother can move into her old one. Say good-bye baby carrier!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Babies

Lily has a tender heart. I've blogged about it a hundred times. Just last night she was telling me about someone making fun of her dress because it was a "hot" dress. She's been wearing long sleeved dresses because she wants to and she gets cold at school. I told her she didn't have to wear that dress and she said she wanted to, but she wouldn't make fun of the girl for what she was wearing. That's not nice, she said. I love that she's her own person and is such a sweet girl. She is also sweet to her baby brother and he LOVES her. He says Lily now and it's hilarious. He does this crazy stick his tongue out move to get the L sound sometimes, and it makes me laugh out loud. I love that they love each other.

A big hug for sissy

Don't let this fool you; I'm sure she tackled him right after this.

Jacob and Grandma. We were practicing walking in the grass.

Someone thought it was funny to jump in the pictures!

Wrestling with Aunt Sonny

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Monday, April 11, 2011

My sweet baby boy

This boy is almost one. Are you kidding me? 2 more weeks. Ridiculous. Jacob is walking a little bit. He's such a fraidy cat about letting go and doing it, but he can take a few steps at a time before he sits down and crawls to where ever he's trying to go. I don't think he talks very much, but he says Mama, Da, cat, hey, bye. He can roar and bark and quack. My mom and sister say he says thank you, but I haven't heard it. He follows directions now. Josh was amazed on Saturday to learn that he will bring you something (his paci, the ball) if you ask him too. I like to distract him from getting into things by asking him where his ball is.

Jacob is a sweet baby boy. He loves his sister and her baby dolls. You'll notice the slobber on this poor little baby's head. Jacob was kissing her. Now he won't give me kisses, but he'll love up the baby doll. Whatever.

He makes the funniest faces. He was just making the baby kiss pup-dog.

Jacob and the ball. He and Lily are constantly fighting over the ball, but Lily is tricky. You might not even notice her take it from him, but she does it all the time. I think little Jacob is going to give her a run for her money though; he's got a mischevious streak, I think.

He is a very happy little man. He loves to squeal and now stick out his tongue. He has a giraffe tongue just like his sister. (He also has eczema, which is why his cheeks look so red. Any suggestions for clearing that up?) I am going to try to get Easter pictures this next week, so hopefully I'll be able to show these babies all fixed up and pretty!