Monday, June 19, 2006

Mommy, I'm not a little baby. I can feed myself. Posted by Picasa

Finger lickin' good! Posted by Picasa

Mommy, I need something else to eat with, This keeps slipping through my fingers. Posted by Picasa

This is very good vegetables and chicken! Posted by Picasa

Look how big I am! I did it all by myself! Posted by Picasa

I'm gonna get this spoon thing figured out yet! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Daddy and Lily. Note the Super Dad hat that Josh got early for Father's Day. Since he promised not to complain about the heat, he decided he wear his hat "to keep the sun off of his face."  Posted by Picasa

Lily and Mommy. She's waving at you! Posted by Picasa

The Family Stone

Today was Lily's first trip to the zoo. We went with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tom. It was hot, but Daddy didn't complain. Lily seemed to like it alright. She was hot and she was getting a little crabby, so she took a nap at the end. The highlight of her first visit was her first ice cream cone. Apparently she really, really likes ice cream.
Lily is getting so big. She took a couple of step Friday night, but I still think it'll be a while before she's toddling around without being bribed with a cell phone. She's a good crawler and seem to be content getting around that way. She has 5, almost 6, teeth and she'll bite you if you want to find out if number 6 is in yet. She's talking a tiny bit. She'll say mama and dada every once in a while and I think she said boat. She says something like kitty and the babysitter says she said cat, but I don't know about that. She's a wonderful singer as well. Row, row, row your boat....
So far, Lily is having a good time with the babysitters. Nana Barbie watched her Monday and Friday. Grandma Kim watched her on Wednesday and Thursday, and she only went to the babysitter's house on Tuesday. She liked it; Missy kept her busy. I don't know who was more tired, Lily or Missy.
The biggest Lily update isn't even about Lily. It's about her daddy. He's going to be a junior high teacher! Yes, it's true. He signed a contract and everything. Our whole family is very excited about this. He's going to teach 7th and 9th grade history at Capital Heights Jr. High. Can you imagine? Mommy's got a new job, Daddy's got a new job...things are looking up for the Stone family!

New to the zoo, the elephants! too bad sorry Auntie Sonya didn't get her lazy butt out of bed to see them.  Posted by Picasa

Lily's first ice cream cone. She really liked it! Posted by Picasa

Let me have some more please! Posted by Picasa

Baby giraffes are alot bigger than baby Lilies! Posted by Picasa

The zoo makes you VERY thirsty.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday nap. And just because my eyes are closed, don't be trying to change the channel. I don't think I can trust you, so I'll just keep the remote control right here.... Posted by Picasa

Daddy, quit distracting me from my bath. Why are you taking my picture? I don't have any clothes on. Posted by Picasa

It's time to get out! NOW! Posted by Picasa

You like my sea horse, don't you? Posted by Picasa

Just having a snack! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Swimming at grandma's house on Memorial Day. You like my swimming gear?!? Posted by Picasa

I hate when the water splashes me back! It's still fun though! Posted by Picasa

That's what happens when you're bad. (Not really, but it sure looks like she's standing in the corner!) Posted by Picasa

Pure happiness Posted by Picasa

Such a tired baby girl Posted by Picasa