Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Babies

Lily has a tender heart. I've blogged about it a hundred times. Just last night she was telling me about someone making fun of her dress because it was a "hot" dress. She's been wearing long sleeved dresses because she wants to and she gets cold at school. I told her she didn't have to wear that dress and she said she wanted to, but she wouldn't make fun of the girl for what she was wearing. That's not nice, she said. I love that she's her own person and is such a sweet girl. She is also sweet to her baby brother and he LOVES her. He says Lily now and it's hilarious. He does this crazy stick his tongue out move to get the L sound sometimes, and it makes me laugh out loud. I love that they love each other.

A big hug for sissy

Don't let this fool you; I'm sure she tackled him right after this.

Jacob and Grandma. We were practicing walking in the grass.

Someone thought it was funny to jump in the pictures!

Wrestling with Aunt Sonny

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Rita Bird said...

Oh, this makes me smile. I wish Ellie was interested in Jack, but she totally avoids him.

Jack is my tenderhearted one. He is so incredibly sensitive, which I admire but sometimes it can be a little scary.

I have no clue where his blondness came from. For a while I kept thinking it would turn red, but nope. He is as fair haired/fair skinned as they come.

Sara-Beth said...

Too cute...thanks for the update :)