Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Boy haircut

Jacob turned one yesterday.

What? He is one year old? Can't be true. Since Easter was last weekend, we are celebrating his birthday this coming weekend. Just family for some cake and ice cream. No big deal, but we certainly have to mark the occasion!

We decided that a haircut was in order for this little man on his first birthday, so off we went. First Lily (no pics, sorry), then Daddy, then Jacob. He had just woken up so he wasn't really sure about the whole thing.

The blurry before picture. It was super long over his ears and I could probably have scraped up a tiny pony tail in the back.

Mommy, what is this lady doing?

He sat like a big boy and only tried to get down once.

After at Target. We went to get a booster seat for sister so brother can move into her old one. Say good-bye baby carrier!
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