Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Atlanta Trip, Part One

I'm pretty sure that Lily's favorite part of our trip was the elevator in the hotel. We were on the 21st floor and they had the glass elevators. She tried to run in as soon as the doors opened so she could look out. It was so cute.
Looking out the elevator. She also insisted on carrying her own bag.

She wouldn't even slow down so I could take her picture. She was so excited!

Looking over the edge outside our room.

Checking out the balcony with daddy. It made me nauseous to look.
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Megan said...

The pictures are too cute! Looks like she had a blast, and I LOVE that she had to carry her own little rolling bag!!

Mandy Mc said...

How FUN! I love all of the pictures. She is such a big girl now. Where did you go while you were in ATL?