Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Atlanta Trip, Part 2: Georgia Aquarium and Hard Rock Cafe

We went to the Georgia Aquarium first. There were so many people there that you couldn't really get close to see alot of stuff there. I think we picked a bad time of the year to visit. There were some really neat things to see there. Lily just got overwhelmed by all of the people. So did her momma.

The Baluga whale was probably one of the best things there. It made me want to go to sleep watching it swim around. We got a little stuffed one to take home. Lily says it's her baby baluga whale. Not baby whale, not baby baluga, not baluga whale. Baby baluga whale.

This room had this huge wall of fish to watch. There was several rows of seats where you could sit and watch. It was neat. This is a whale shark. Josh took pictures because I carried Lily most of the time. We didn't want her to get squashed. He's not a great photographer.

For dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, because it was next door to our hotel. I'm not usually a big fan of the touristy restaraunts like this, but it was very good. We got free ice cream sundaes because of a little timing problem with my food, but it was no big deal, so that was nice. The service was great.

Lily really liked it!
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