Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad news

The reason I haven't updated for 7 years is that I don't have any pictures. "Why?" you ask. My camera has disappeared from the face of the earth. Maybe Susan took it with her. Or perhaps Sara-Beth. Either way, it's missing. Maybe I'll send Lily on a search for it this weekend.

Nothing too exciting has happened since the holidays. We've been catching up on the things that we neglected while we were busy, like the house work and laundry and such. Lily likes staying at home and doing nothing as much as we do. She's stuck on the Ladybug Game, which is fun but takes forever. She's also adopted a new obsession with her clothes and more importantly her shoes. She got some new black dress shoes this past weekend and has begged to wear them everyday this week. Today I let her wear a dress to school. Even though we discussed what she was going to wear last night, this morning she decided she didn't want to wear that. (We've started laying her clothes out the night before in an attempt to help Mommy and Lily get to school and work on time. She gets to pick from 2 or 3 things I chose. It's not really working time wise, but we get to battle about things besides what to wear in the mornings now.) I got her dressed in an Abby Cadabby, Elmo, and Cookie Monster dress with stripped tights that Grandmu got her for Christmas. She started trying to take it off and told me, "This don't look good." Really? Are you kidding me? You're 3. I distracted her with going to get the black shoes she wanted to wear. She went to school with pig tails and looked too cute. I would have taken a picture, but well, you know.

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Sara-Beth said...

I took your camera. I couldn't help know how I am :)