Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thanksgiving also brought us a new little friend. Jack arrived at our house. Don't tell anyone, but Jack reports to Santa. That's how Santa knows if Lily has been good or bad. Every night Jack flies to the North Pole to give Santa the report and then returns to our house to keep an eye on Lily. She wakes up every morning, anxious to find him. So far he's hidden in the kitchen window, on top of the refrigerator, in the living room curtains, in the Christmas tree, and when I left this morning, he was sitting at the computer desk.

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Katy said...

I have heard so much about this book lately. I can't wait to get it for Sam one day. What a wonderful idea. Did Lily name him Jack?

Jennifer said...

She wanted to name him Lily, but I told her it was a little boy elf, so she picked Jack. I don't really know why. I asked her if she knew any Jacks and she said Jack in my class and Jack and Jill went up the hill. She's so funny sometimes.

phreethynker said...

What a cute idea!