Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crafty Queen

Lily got a kit of foam beads from the Dollar Tree. She's gotten her dollar's worth, to be sure. They came with a big plastic needle and some plastic thread. She's been making necklaces.

She's still quite the dresser. Here we have a monkey hula girl shirt. The monkey has a fringed skirt on and Lily will let you feel it if you want. She's also wearing a flower tutu. It has flowers that are loose between the layers. I'm sure she has on some kind of princess/cartoon character panties. She also has a little knotted hairdo. I know, you wish you could be as stylish as her. I do too.

Trying to get the perfect combination of shaped and colors.

You'd think after almost 3 years (Yikes!!) I would have gotten over how stinking cute she is, but no, I haven't.
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ashlynn310 said...

I agree...she is SUPER cute!!

Rita and Nathan Bird said...

First of all, I am thrilled to see new postings. Second of all, how funny is it that she is just as crafty as her mom.
Too freaking adorable!

Katy said...

She is so precious. I LOVE her tutu!!!!!!! I cannot even believe she is almost three.

Mandy Mc said...

She is pretty stinkin' cute!

Susan said...

I would like to know why Miss Stone didn't break out the foam necklace kit when I was there. It's oh-so-much cooler than the Mickey puzzle that we put together three times straight.

I love how hard she's concentrating in the pictures. I also love that there are new pictures. What has happened to our blogging?

Abby said...

It took me a minute but I finally figured out who "The Stone Family" was.

Lily is her name.

Its sad how fast they grow...really kind of sad and exciting all at the same time...ahhh motherhood. :)

hannah's mommy said...

You're right, she is stinking cute, and no, you should never get over it. I might need to look for one of those bead kits; that sounds like fun! They should NOT be three yet, or it doesn't seem like it anyway! Wow!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Goodness Ginseng! She really IS stinking cute! I love her fashion sense...does she always dress herself? Katy dressed like a little preppy girl even at that age!!! Jess on the other hand would still wear a TuTu and a monkey shirt if she could!
Bring Lily over to swim sometime. Molly loves kids as much as me. Maybe the next time Kate is here. Give everybody hugs for me!