Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I post this one because it has a funny story. The baby Lily has is a Cabbage Patch I had when I was about 10. His name was Daniel. Lily has stripped of his clothes and says he is a girl. Her name is Brown Baby. "Ily's Bown Baby" came to Christmas at Aunt Debra's with us.

"Oh my gosh! Do you see all of this stuff I got, Mama?"

"I love this froggy soap." Mommy hopes that it turn the bath water lime green just like the ducky made it so yellow it looked like Lily peed a gallon in the tub!

Personally, I think this was the best present Lily got. It's the Big Picture Story Bible. I recommend it to my many pregnant friends (or ones with kids). Beth had it for Hannah and I decided Lily needed it to. It is a very good presentation of most of the Bible stories, but shows them all looking toward Jesus. It is also not a dumbed down version. One of the Bibles we got had the entire New Testament as the baby in the manger, Jesus loves the little children, and then Jesus disappears. Literally, it said and then Jesus disappeared. This is a much better presentation. Lily and I are on our second time through. She really likes it. We read a couple of sections before bed. I love it and it's so funny to hear Lily say the names, like Issac, Abraham, and Jesus.
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