Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas has come!

Our little Santa. (Yes, she is wearing prison pjs. Daddy got them for her last February from Alcatraz. Yes, she can still wear them and does at least once a week.)

Lily made her own special Christmas candy while Grandma, Heather and Mommy made candy.

Do you see how excited she was when they finally came out of the bag?

Pure concentration!
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Katy said...

HAHAHA! I love the Alcatraz PJ's!

Heather said...

Candy day was so much fun, even if "we" did burn more candy than we kept. You and Sonya are blessed to have the kind of mom that you can hang out with like that.

Favorite auntie Sonya said...

I'm a little UPSET that you didn't mention me at all in this post! I'm in every picture, but no mention of all the baking I did???