Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ta da, ta da, ta da!

First, Kellie's shower. It was good. Kellie and I had lunch at Mexico Tipico before it, so we had time to catch up. It was great to see Kellie and Marie. It was not so great that the entire Mee-Maw party was reduced to me, Kellie, and Marie. Too bad. I miss my friends. That's all about that; I'll let Kellie post anything else.
Second, Lily can roll over. We (Marie, Lily, and I) went to my parents' house after the shower. My mom was giving me a hard time about laying Lily on the floor so she'd learn to roll over. I said that she just cried when you laid her down on her belly, but Mom said she'd never learn if we didn't. Well, Mom laid a blanket on the floor and put Lily on it. I swear to you, she rolled over like she's always been doing it less than a minute after Mom put her down. It was so funny. She did it a couple of more times before she got mad and wanted up. I guess it was kinda like being born. She wasn't gonna do it until she was good and ready.
Lily has also discovered several new things that she can do. She has noticed that she can do lots of stuff with her hands. She can eat them, she can use them to grab other things to eat. Not really eat, but chew and slobber on. She likes to hold on to everything now. She'll pull her blankets up to her face. She's also a pincher. You would think such little hands could pinch so hard, but she'll get you! She has also learned to make noises, and she likes them. She'll squeal and holler just to hear herself, I think. It's so funny to walk in the room and see her just staring at something, yelling at it. She's growing so fast. Kellie and I were talking about how 5 months ago we were going to my baby shower and now I have this little person. It's amazing. I've posted a million pictures, so enjoy!
I've posted a million pictures so enjoy!


Our Little Baby! said...

I had fun yesterday with you and lily. I wish we could have hung out longer. She is a beautiful girl. I cant wait for mine to be here so they can play together. Maybe we will live closer together.

Criddy said...

Christmas hurry up! We should really have a name for them before the party!