Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Lily, Josh, and I are going to my mom's for lunch today. I'm pretty excited about watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with Lily, and I'm gonna be very disappointed if she doesn't like it as much as football. I'm also a bit disappointed that Lily doesn't have a Thanksgiving costume. She, of course, had a Halloween one (or 3) and also has a Christmas on. I think she'd make a cute little turkey!
On another note, Mommy is sick. I have a killer cold. Hopefully I won't give it to Lily, but she was coughing a little bit this morning. I know because I was awake. I keep having crazy dreams from the cold medicine, I think. I had one that I joined the Air Force and one that we were gonna have another baby. While I'm sure that we would love it and be happy about it once a new baby got here, the idea of that is overwhelming. It would be hard to be a single mom after Josh died of a heart attack when I told him.
I'm sure that Sonya and Grandma will take lots of pictures of Lily today in her new dress. I'll post them later. It may be tomorrow if they don't kill me at Wal~Mart in the morning. Anyone shopping on black Friday?


Susan said...

If there was another new baby, Auntie Consuela would have to come home immediately.

Mammy said...

Have one, have one. I want to see my baby.