Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just a swingin'

Everyone will be happy to know that Lily and Josh survived my return to work. I don't think it was as bad as he thought it was going to be, so that's good. It wasn't too bad for me either. I guess it's cause I know the only think I'm missing out on is Lily crying cause she's hungry at 4 in the morning, so really I'm lucky! (I can say that now since I'm rested up, but you should have seen me about 2 this afternoon when I would have paid her to go to sleep so mommy could rest!)
There is one exciting thing that's happened since I posted last. Lily has learned to talk. Not really, but I'm sure that if the little birdy on her swing wasn't plastic, he would understand everything she was saying to him. She sits in the swing and smiles and coos at the crazy thing all day if you let her. It's so cute. I'm trying to get a picture but it's hard to with the swing going and if it stops, so does the bird. Oh well, I guess you'll have to come visit so you can see!!


Criddy said...

Just a swingin' is an old country song...i know old's not Garth Brooks!

Criddy said...
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Susan said...

Way to go, Lily! By Christmas, she should be able to say "Auntie Consuela." Work on that.

I am glad that work wasn't as bad as anticipated.

Criddy, you were in rare form when you were reading blogs last night. You are right... this ain't Garth Brooks.

Nancy Jones said...

Lily is so precious. I wish I could keep her for you to work. Her swing and bird may be the way for you to get a little nap. She may really be talking soon. Her Aunt Susan started talking way before she was old enough to.

The Gangster of Lily Watching said...

I'm Dad to the Bone, of course everything went ok while you were at work!