Friday, July 01, 2011

Fancy clothes

In my attempts to get Josh to help me take a decent picture of the new skirt I made for my other blog, Lily couldn't resist the camera. She put on the shirt I had changed out of. I'm pretty sure her head was through the arm hole. She kept calling it her fancy clothes.

Look at that grin! She's a mess.

Posing with Mommy!

Lily and Daddy in his fancy clothes. How can you not love a man who will "wear" a pink striped shirt to take pictures with his "fancy" daughter? "Daddy, you need some fancy clothes too!"
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Thoughts from the Dark Side... said...

This is why Josh is on my Top 10 people I can crush on without any repercussions. SB chooses losers from American Idol and I choose

Megan said... it!