Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 months old

So that whole taking the same picture every month didn't really work out for us. Here is my little 8 month old man. He is a speed crawler and can walk holding on to stuff. He's been practicing sitting down without just falling. He's not so good at that. Tonight he has a bruise on each cheek, a carpet burn on his forehead, and a busted lip.
He loves Lily and loves playing with her. He has also started doing this thing where he holds his arms up over his head cause he's a big boy. If he's standing up, he can only do one arm, so he looks like a Nazi. It's super funny every time he does it.

Could his eyes be any bluer?

I think this face is funny.

Sitting up like a little man.

Melt my heart.
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Megan said...

He is absolutely beautiful, Jennifer! Or, I guess as boys go, handsome! :)

Mandy said...

WoW! He is to cute! I want to kiss those checks so bad!

Sara-Beth said...

Too cute.......more updates please!!