Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My little fish

My parents put up a pool in the backyard again this summer. They had it up 2 summers ago, but skipped last year. I don't remember Lily liking it too much before. She mostly just liked sitting in the raft. Well it's a whole different story now. She has some floaties and think she can swim by herself. She would stay in all day everyday if you would let her.
The surprising thing is how much Jacob like it. You put him in his little raft and he just floats around. He kicks his feet like he's going to go somewhere. It's so cute. He is happy as a clam as long as the sun isn't in his eyes. He even tried to fall asleep but then he gets the water in his face. Poor little guy!

Lily and Mama swimming.

How about this big girl? She thinks she's too cool with her floaties and sunglasses.

The best part about swimming is how it tires her out! Here she is waiting for the fireworks on the 4th. She was so sleepy!
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