Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Baby #2

Today I had my first doctor's appointment. (I know. We sure did tell the whole world pretty quickly. There was a little miscommunication about who we were telling and when, so everyone got to know.) I am 6 weeks today. Because it was so early, the u/s tech said that we might not be able to see anything and that was fine; don't be upset if there isn't anything to see. Well you could see a tiny speck of a baby. She said it's about 2 millimeters long. When I held my breath, she could see the heartbeat. So that was good. I go back to the doctor at the end of the month. Because this ultrasound was so early, we get to do another one then, so that's super exciting.
I saw the doctor next and he said everything looks fine. I'm due April 29th. Hopefully it will work out so that Josh and I are home together for a couple of weeks before I go back to work. Josh will keep the baby for the summer when I go back to work. Lily will start school and the baby will start daycare at the same time.

We are all super excited about a new little Stone. Josh and I are very happy. Lily asks me how big the baby is almost everyday and tells me she loves being a big sister. Because we have 4 bedrooms, Lily has her bedroom and her toyroom. I asked her if she wants to move into her toy room or move the toys to the bedroom. She came up with the solution: the baby can just sleep in her room. She showed me where we could put the bed and everything. When the baby cries, she'll just come get me. What a great solution! She's so smart.


christy ross said...

Jennifer, that's so exciting that Josh gets to be the baby's primary caregiver all summer! Jeremy sometimes feels disconnected from Finn bc he doesn't get to spend as much one on one time with him while Ryland is demanding his attention. That'll be great bonding time for them.

Rita Bird said...

YAY! I am sooo excited for you guys. I don't really have much to offer when it comes to maternity clothes, but I would be more than happy to share what I do have.

Lily has it all figured out. When we decide to add on to the family remind me to get her opinion of the set up.

bpeterson said...

Congratulations on the new edition! I love Lily's solution. What a good big sister!