Wednesday, April 08, 2009

J-Day 2009

This past weekend was J-Day. Lily stayed at home with Daddy, and I had a night with my friends. It was fun, a nice getaway. Here are a couple of pics from the weekend.

Sara-Beth and Christy at Golden Club. (Note to Christy: I really wanted to post the collection pic I got of you, but I restrained myself. You're welcome.)

Heather and Marie.

Here's where the picture of Susan and I should go, but apparently we missed the memo about looking fabulous. Use your imagination.

The group shot. I think we look great. My sister says we get fatter and fatter every year, but we don't like her anyway.

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Criddy said...

Tell Sonya that she has obviously not looked at our pictures in order because we all tend to have our peaks of fatness (as Sara Beth calls it) and some years when we wear our spanks or whatever you want to call it we look phenomenal.