Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Our story

Josh has a book that he's had his whole life. It's a book of magic and make believe stories. His dad, Lily's Pawpaw, used to read it to him. Now Lily and Daddy read it almost every night, by her request of course. It's precious. I love them.

Daddy and Lily reading.

Fresh from a bath, in warm jammies, drinking chocolate milk (Pediasure), listening to Daddy read. Does life get better than that?
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laurensmommy said...

that is so great that Lily and daddy have this special time. (Good thing you took pictures, too....so she'll remember it when she's a teenager and hates you both!) :)

Heather said...

Josh is such a good dad!

phreethynker said...

So sweet! :)

bpeterson said...

That is so sweet! I have a picture of my daddy reading to me while we are laying on the floor and I LOVE it. Lily will be so glad you took those!