Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lily has the best daddy in the whole world.

Lily has the best daddy because:
  • He brings her home pirate girl shirts from the beach. (He also brought a ball that he lets her throw in the house, but that is clearly not going to make the list.)
  • He lets her throw the ball in the house.
  • He knows all of the best songs...F.R.E.E. that spells free credit report dot com baby. (When the commercial came on today, she actually said, "Hey, that's the song Daddy sings for me.")
  • He likes playing with her so much that at least once a week when we've gone to bed, he says, "Let's go wake Lily up." (No, let's not.)
  • He lets her watch cartoons instead of MSBNBC or baseball.
  • He's showing her fun ways to play with the pets. (Delilah doesn't really think holding her like a baby is fun, but Lily and Daddy love to play that game.)
  • He loves to drink pretend coffee out of hot pink cups.
  • He likes to play with imaginary dogs named Max. (He's so tiny. You should come visit him. Max loves company, but he gets in trouble a lot and Lily has to shut her bedroom door on him.)
  • He loves Lily's mommy.
  • He loves Lily.

Happy Father's Day, Josh. We both love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for loving us.

Jennifer and Lily


Rita and Nathan Bird said...

Dang it Jennifer! Don't know if its the pregnancy hormones or just the fact of that list being so freaking sweet, but I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks.

Josh is such a sweet daddy.

Katy said...

Josh is a great daddy. I am loving the story about baby. So funny!