Monday, May 12, 2008

The best part...

To me the best part of the wedding is seeing the groom's face when her first sees the bride. At first I was a little worried about Brandon. He looked a lot like he was going to pass out. He looked very nervous to me (Really, can you blame him? He was about to marry Christy!), but when he saw Christy...he sucked in a big breath. It was so sweet, I almost cried. As it turns out, he did not fall out. Once he was holding Christy's hand, he seemed to relax a little. *

Brandon sucking in his breath. So sweet.

Christy coming down the aisle. She didn't cry during the whole thing. She just got a little teary.

*I've only met Brandon twice, once the day before his wedding and once the day of his wedding. I don't really know his well enough to know exactly how relaxed or nervous or anything else he was. Those are just my observations.
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Marie said...

That's always been my favorite part of the wedding as well. I think it's because i am skeptical and I need to see how he reacts in order to know if he really loves her. Thanks for the update and the great pictures.