Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big News!

I guess I should have posted this earlier, but Lily Stone has been paci-free since February 2nd. We found this "Bye-Bye Pacifier" book at Target in the $1 bins. In it, the mommy and daddy help the baby send all of the pacis to the babies they know. So we read the story the night before, and the next day, Lily and I found all of the pacis and put them in a big envelope. I carried her out to the mailbox and we "mailed" them to the babies. She was so excited. Not so excited that night when there was no paci, but she didn't ask for it at all. The next morning, the babies (whoever they are) had sent Lily back a small Abby Cadabby (Abbydabby at our house). Of course she got sick the next day and sure would have gotten more rest if we had just given the paci back, but we toughed it out and have been more than 2 weeks without the paci! Saturday she found one under Mommy and Daddy's bed, so we had to mail that one too.

We went to the park Saturday and I have some pictures to post whenever I find the cord for my camera.


Anonymous said...

That is very big news. Great job, Lily! You are such a big girl now!

Love, Mammy

Mandy Mc said...

YAY for mailing the pacis to the babies! I can only imagine how difficult getting a child to give up a paci is...