Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lily has decided that she loves to play outside all of the time. This week, we picked up pinecones and dropped them in this bag. Lily and I were quite a sight, clapping and laughing everytime we got a "cone-cone" in the bag. This week I think we are going to turn the conecones into bird feeders.
Lily loves candy just like her mommy. She was very proud of herself because I let her hold the piece all by herself, but she had to sit in the chair. She didn't even make a mess; she got it all in her mouth!

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Heather said...

She looks a lot like Josh in these candy pictures. Is she eating a peanut butter egg? Definitely a little meemaw.

Sheets625 said...

Nope, it's something from the Whitman's sampler. It didn't have a map.