Sunday, October 08, 2006

A real update!

I know it's been a long time since I actually wrote anything about Lily, so here it goes. She is getting very big. I think she may finally be gaining weight, but I'm not sure. I guess I'll fnd out tomorrow because she's going to the doctor, I think. She's been running a fever and now has a rash on her whole body. It'll probably disappear when we leave the house to go to the drs, but we'll see.
What else? Lily has 10 teeth now. We thought she had 8 and when she started getting sick, I thought maybe she was teething so I decided to check out her teeth. I've quit feeling her gums because she bites you if you put your finger in her mouth (which, can you blame her? I'd bite you if you put your finger in my mouth.) Anyway, it seems that sometime since I quit checking she's gotten 2 more teeth! I didn't even know. They are a little farther back so I guess that means she can chew better.
Lily loves the cows outside our house. Actually cows in general. The two books she carries around the house all the time are about cows. On even has a calf named Lily. She also likes you to hold her up to the window in the door so she can see the cows. If you get tired of holding her up, she points to the window until you pick her up again. Today when I tried to teach her again what the cow says, she got it. She says more of a mmmmm instead of moooo, but she communicates the message. It's very cute. This does not mean that she needs a life size cow for Christmas; she's happy just looking at them.
I guess that all for a little while. If anything happens at the doctor's tomorrow, I'll post again.

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Where are the Halloween pictures???