Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Lily!

Lily's birthday party was Sunday. It was a good time. She got a whole bunch of stuff. This weekend will be the party to clean our house to make room for it. Everyone is invited!
Really though, it's hard to believe she's already 1. It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long since we've known her. She's so amazing, just growing and changing everyday. If I had known it would be this fun to be her mommy, I would have had her years ago. Well, maybe not!
She's walking like a pro now. She's starting to talk a little more. She's saying mama, dada, Annie, puppy, kitty cat, and her favorite word is hey. She greets everyone. Really, everyone. She's also started to have strong opinions about things. She lets you know exactly what she things or wants. She's also playing with her toys more, the way they were intended to be used. She pushes her truck and she kisses her baby doll. I promise you that's the cutest thing you will ever see. She hugs it and then gives it a big kiss.
I guess that's just about the whole update. We go to the doctor on Monday. Hopefully, she's grown enough. Stay tuned for that update.

P.S. The whole time I've been typing this, she's been playing with the caterpillar that Kellie got her. She keeps making it say yellow over and over again and then laughing at it. Apparently yellow is a funny word. I didn't know!

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