Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let's be friends.

It's a good thing that Josh and I don't have to arrange a marriage for Lily. There would just be too many choices. Lots of people that we love have had babies. Of course you know about Hannah, but besides her, there's babies everywhere! Emily and Ben Messer had a cute little boy in October. William Drew was born in Okinawa, Japan. I can't wait to meet him in March (and see Em, Skinny Benny, and Livi!) Next in Lily's list of possible husbands is Connor. I think he was born in November. Breanna is his mommy and I worked with her at Wal-Mart before she left for greener pastures. Newest to the list is Baby Jonah. Babacar and Mackenzie welcomed him in to the world on January 3rd. He's a cute little thing, a perfect blend of Senegal and America.
Now, not only does Lily have boyfriends, she has a new girl friend. Melissa, who I work with, had a beautiful, tiny little girl on Sunday night. We went to visit them in the hospital today. Lily couldn't have cared less about the baby, but she was pretty interested in Ciara's blanket. She is so little, only 6 lbs. She made Lily look like a giant. It's funny, she's only 5 months old, but I can't hardly remember her being the small (Well, not quite that small!).
In other news, when we were shopping for Ciara's gift, we decided that Lily needed a sippy cup. I put some juice in it when we got home. Lily reached for it and put it right in her mouth like she's been using one her whole life. She didn't too much care for the juice, but she seems to think the cup is good fun. Maybe she'll just be sticking to milk for a while longer! Enjoy the new pictures.

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